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Malarie Grace

GreatPhillySchools Manager

I wanted to be a revolutionary writer. Armed with my Literature degree from Franklin & Marshall College, I went searching for a cause that I could fight for. During my City Year Greater Philadelphia service year, I learned that my revolution was at home, in the city that I love, in support of students who deserved to go to great schools. As a Philadelphia Native and a public school graduate (Girls High – 252!), it is my core belief that all students, especially those who have been marginalized, deserve to choose their outcomes. In the years since, I’ve worked on projects in support of students and schools – building systems to manage and track school partnerships, supporting the development of systems for small, local non-profit organizations, codifying and developing signature adult learning practices and experiences to support Philadelphia’s principals. Building relationships, creating experiences and linking resources is the hallmark of my work and I am excited to use that as the Manager of GreatPhillySchools.

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