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Philly's Future Starts at School

Our Inspiration

We start each school year thinking deeply about how to advance the educational outcomes for the over 16,600 students who attend schools within our current portfolio and to create the conditions necessary for each and every one of them to succeed.

In order to achieve this goal, we convene education, civic, business, and community leaders to examine what is working in our schools and develop a citywide vision and plan of action to move schools forward that learns from those bright spots.

Our Mission

Elevate 215 is a catalyst for preparing students for the world of tomorrow by modernizing the learning experience in Philadelphia schools today.

We do this by: investing in schools and talent, collaborating with our partners, expanding access and resources for families, and advocating to create the conditions for success.

Our Values

What drives us also keeps us grounded.

  1. Boundless in our approach

  2. Rigorous in our process

  3. Collaborative in our support

  4. Passionate in our mission

  5. Relentlessly optimistic for the sake of our children