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Philly's Future Starts at School

Our Vision

All schools are designed as vivid and inspiring learning environments where students discover and reach their fullest potential.

Our City

The future of 215 is bright

As Philadelphia emerges from the pandemic, and aims for a third decade of population growth and economic expansion, we believe we have both a moral imperative and a unique opportunity to improve schools. Out of this difficult time, there are pockets of educational opportunity emerging, and if we develop a thoughtful, ambitious, and research-based plan, we believe we can make a real impact for our children.

In order to do this, civic, business, education and community leaders must come together to focus on the bright spots in our education system, and determine a city-wide vision and plan of action that learns from those bright spots to create system-wide improvements. Together, we can build a better future for Philadelphia, but it starts at schools.

Our Mission

Elevate 215 is a catalyst for preparing students for the world of tomorrow by modernizing the learning experience in Philadelphia schools today. We do this by: investing in schools and talent, collaborating with our partners, expanding access and resources for families, and advocating to create the conditions for success.

Our Values

What we care about unites us.

  1. Boundless in our approach

  2. Rigorous in our process

  3. Collaborative in our support

  4. Passionate in our mission

  5. Relentlessly optimistic for the sake of our children