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Ewuraekua Nunoo-Tanikie

Manager of Development

My journey to Elevate 215 is driven by a profound commitment to equity and my diverse range of experiences have solidified this passion. I always try to listen to my heart and let inspiration lead me. I served in one of Philadelphia’s most historic high schools, in Operations, strategically working to improve student enrollment and recruitment. This role allowed me to understand the critical importance of breaking down barriers and providing equal educational opportunities to all students.

Beyond my administrative background, I’ve contributed to a national presidential campaign, gaining a nuanced understanding of systemic challenges within our education system. I also enriched my skills as an online educator, fostering an environment that brings out the best in students from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, my experience working with students with autism deepened my insights into the unique needs of diverse learners.

I am honored to assume the role of Manager of Development at Elevate 215, which is a beacon of hope, striving to bring excellent education within reach of every Philadelphia student. This opportunity aligns seamlessly with my commitment to advocating for the underrepresented in Philadelphia and I am eager to help build resources and work towards a future where every child has equal opportunities to thrive.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Temple University. In addition to my professional pursuits, I spend quality time with my husband enjoying live music, theater, and great food with our family, friends, and dog.

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