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Elevate 215 Executive Director Dr. Holland Discusses the Importance of Philanthropy in Education

Elevate 215 Executive Director Dr. Stacy Holland, Ed.D. recently had the opportunity to join Shayna Terrell-Brown on the Center for Black Educator Development’s Building the Black Educator Pipeline Podcast, in partnership with Brightbeam/EdPost.

You can listen to the Podcast via Simplecast, or on Apple and Spotify.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll hear:

Dr. Holland discusses the importance of philanthropy in education and shares her personal journey as a struggling learner with educators playing a crucial role in her success. She shares her experience in the philanthropy sector and the importance of telling stories to create meaningful impact. Dr. Holland emphasizes the need for diverse and inclusive learning environments that cater to the individual needs of students. She challenges the traditional approach to education and advocates for a focus on the process of learning.


  • The importance of diverse and inclusive learning environments that cater to the individual needs of students
  • The power of storytelling in creating meaningful impact
  • The role of educators in supporting and inspiring students
  • Private philanthropy relies heavily on relationships and networking. Black-led organizations often face challenges in accessing funding and support.
  • Articulating impact and producing results are crucial for attracting donors. Long-term planning and fundraising are crucial for the success of black-led organizations.
  • Building relationships with funders and articulating the organization’s mission and goals clearly are key to securing funding.
  • Fundable projects are those that have a clear problem statement, a well-defined plan of action, a realistic budget, and measurable outcomes.