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Kiara Hernandez

Development Coordinator

As a kid growing up in a household that heavily focused on education, I always knew the importance of learning and never saw a limit to my potential. My mom has been a teacher in the public school system for over thirty years and my entire family, including my four siblings, are the products of public secondary schools and colleges in Virginia. Throughout my life, I never realized my privilege until my undergraduate years at George Mason University. I was a Global Affairs major with a Global Governance concentration and I wanted to be an ambassador or diplomat. But during my senior year, while interning at a charter school in Washington, D.C., my interest shifted towards the policies and procedures of schools and the inequity in underserved communities. It seemed unfair that these students did not have the same opportunities and resources I received during my education journey. What started as an internship led to a job, but more importantly, a lifelong purpose to ensure students have a chance to succeed in all aspects of life.

My postsecondary journey has included working in operations roles at charter school networks, aiding in the opening of an early childhood education center, coaching youth soccer teams, teaching Sunday school, and now supporting the fundraising efforts with our development team. Each position I’ve had has grounded my thought process around education and ultimately pushed me to think of different ways to be a conduit for the children and families of Philadelphia. Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential while maintaining the integrity of their personal goals. In my current role, I hope to meet the fundraising goals of Elevate 215 while also propelling students forward through our support.

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